50 Movies 1 Summer 2012 – link list

Phew! 50 movies is a lot (if I do say so myself). It’s been a fun ride. I can’t believe I actually made it through. I thought this links page would make it easier to keep track; and anyone who wants to jump over to another movie can use the links here.

Thanks for playing along with me to varying degrees, everyone. It meant a lot for me to see the various Likes and comments on my posts (sometimes within seconds of my posting). The worst thing a blogger can feel is that no one is reading their stuff.

Here are some interesting conclusions about this movie marathon:

  • I watched the most movies (3 each) starring Matt Damon and Daniel Craig. I like both actors very much. They’ve both come into their own as  versatile “everymen” who can play everything from somewhat average husbands to super-human action heroes.
  • I watched 2 whole movies out of 50 (that’s 4% if you’re counting) from Norway. What up, Norway! You guys are making some great movies. One of them (Headhunters) was the highest rated of my entire 50!
  • I don’t have actual numbers, but probably close to half of the movies on this list were adaptations or remakes of a book, play, comic, or original movie.
  • I watched every major genre out there (except gangster movies — yes, I’m counting Cowboys vs. Aliens as a western.) and my favourite is still a toss up between sci-fi and spy-fi.
  • Interesting that my top rated movie Headhunters came right after my least favourite movie We Need To Talk About Kevin. Nevertheless, my favourite surprise was how much I loved Real Steel (pictured above).

I hope I’ve inspired others to enjoy some of these movies as well.

Movie #1: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Movie #2: Attack The Block

Movie #3: In Time

Movie #4: Hanna

Movie #5: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Movie #6: Real Steel

Movie #7: The Lincoln Lawyer

Movie #8: Hereafter

Movie #9: Limitless

Movie #10: Morning Glory

Movie #11: Dream House

Movie #12: 50/50

Movie #13: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Movie #14: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Movie #15: Anonymous

Movie #16: Drive

Movie #17: Chronicle

Movie #18: The Young Victoria

Movie #19: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Movie #20: Trollhunter

Movie #21: Friends With Benefits

Movie #22: Skyline

Movie #23: The Expendables

Movie #24: Conan the Barbarian

Movie #25: Cowboys & Aliens

Movie #26: Another Earth

Movie #27: Fast Five

Movie #28: Fright Night

Movie #29: Unknown

Movie #30: My Week With Marilyn

Movie #31: The Thing

Movie #32: Catfish

Movie #33: The American

Movie #34: Water For Elephants

Movie #35: The Double

Movie #36: Burlesque

Movie #37: Moneyball

Movie #38: Shrek Forever After

Movie #39: Rabbit Hole

Movie #40: The Tempest

Movie #41: The Debt

Movie #42: We Bought A Zoo

Movie #43: John Carter

Movie #44: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Movie #45: Headhunters

Movie #46: The Descendants

Movie #47: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Movie #48: The Woman In Black

Movie #49: Contagion

Movie #50: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


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