2016 Fall TV Preview

Well, now that the TV season has ended, it’s time to enjoy the summer. But before we all head outside into the sun (Yah, right!), we can take a quick glimpse at what’s coming in the fall (and winter) to network TV. Granted, the sands of television are definitely shifting away from the networks towards streaming and cable. Also, I was fiercely unimpressed by this past season’s new shows. Unfortunately, I can’t say that next fall seems to offer much hope of change. Like in the movie industry, we seem to be suffering from a lack of creativity and innovation. Remakes and reboots continue to grow like weeds. Plus, there are a surprising number of TV series built on premises that would only make sense for a feature-length movie rather than an entire season (it’s like they don’t expect the show to last!).

Here are some links for you to decide for yourself:
Fox | ABC | NBC | CBS | The CW

prisonbreakcdnsf-700x400So let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. There are action-show reboots coming, including an extension of Prison Break, with the return of many characters; a reboot of 24, with completely new characters — Jack Bauer is gone, but the terrorists just keep coming after CTU. MacGyver is back as a reboot, casting Lucas Till as a young Mac. However, the one reboot that I would trade for all the other new shows combined is the new Star Trek series — it better be good, CBS!

exorcistOn top of rebooting past shows, a number of movie reboots are coming to the small screen, but I don’t think that either The Exorcist (despite casting Geena Davis), nor Lethal Weapon (casting Damon Wayans as the straight-man, seriously?) really seem to have legs as TV series.

fox-star-season-one-posterAlong with movie remakes, we are also going to get a lot of shows that seem like they should have been movies. Perhaps they couldn’t get made as features, but on tv I fear they will run out their concepts very quickly. Pitch is about the fictional struggles of the first female pitcher in the Majors. Shots Fired is about the racially-charged fallout from when a black cop kills a white kid. Finally, Star features Queen Latifah as a kind of godmother to a couple of hard-luck girls who are determined to make it as pop stars.

Another surprising theme this year is time-travel. There were already a number of time-themed shows in past seasons (e.g. 12 Monkeys, Continuum, Minority Report etc.) but now it seems like the every network is jumping on board. Fox looks the most promising, with a midseason comedy Making History, which starts Adam Pally as a guy who uses a time-travelling duffel bag to go back to the 18th century. Time After Time has a young, good-looking Jack the Ripper chased into the present day by a young, good-looking HG Wells. The premise seems like a ridiculous excuse for another show featuring young, good-looking characters–ABC just wants to steal some of The CW’s audience. On NBC, Timeless is a bit less clear: a crew of three go back in time to stop another time-traveller from causing the Hindenberg disaster. Since that disaster did happen, I’m not sure why they are going back, but whatever. CBS doesn’t have a time-travel show, but its sister network The CW has one that checks off two boxes. Frequency, is not only a series about how a detective discovers the ability to talk to her father in the past using a ham radio (and thus creates all kinds of causality paradoxes), but it’s also a remake of the Dennis Quaid/Jim Caviezel movie of the same name and premise. Since time travel is another one of those science-fiction concepts that are cheap to film, studios are happy to make use of it. I guess this year will put to test just how much depth that concept really has.

Son-Of-ZornSo which shows actually caught my eye? I’m glad you asked. I am not a fan of the spy-spoof series Archer. However, on Fox’s Son of Zorn, the idea of a Conan/He-Man style animated warlord working and living in suburban US seems to be a great send-up of both the sitcom and epic-fantasy genres. ABC’s American Housewife looks pretty funny. The show’s a spiritual descendent of Roseanne, and a child of Mike & Molly — featuring Katy Mixon, who played Molly’s younger sister, in the lead. Rounding out a rather meager selection of shows that I’m excited for is APB, about a police precinct that jumps to the leading edge once a tech mogul decides to invest millions of dollars in new gadgetry to help them solve the murder of his friend (again, kind of a movie premise, but may have potential to last).

If the fall tv slate is really as mediocre as it seems from these previews, I guess I’ll have a lot more viewing hours to spend on other stuff. Maybe I could watch some new cable shows or catch up on the many Marvel TV shows coming to Netflix. Who knows? This might be the season that wakes up the major networks to how they can’t be lazy anymore. A network TV renaissance might be just around the corner. But until then, we’ve got another ho-hum season to sit through (Man, I miss my lawyer shows!).


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