Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Movie Review

Star-Wars-Force-Awakens-Rey-Finn-BB8-runningFinally, I’ve gone to watch The Force Awakens. I know, judging by the nature of this blog, you’d have thought that I’d have been first in line, bright and early on opening day. What can I tell you? The Force Pushes “Snooze” and Rolls Over For a Bit, OK? Anyway, now that I’ve seen the most anticipated movie of the year, I have to say that it kind of lives up. It’s a lot of fun, non-stop action and it feels true to the spirit of the original trilogy — a plucky band of misfits save the galaxy from the evil empire.

star-wars-the-force-awakens-storm-troopersIn fact, there are clearly a lot of parallels between this movie and the original Star Wars. Kylo Ren (the black-clad force-baddie with the cool cross-shaped light-sabre) is the new Darth Vader (complete with new daddy-issues). The desert planet of Jakku is the new Tatooine, complete with new protagonist Rey (she’s like a cross between Luke Skywalker — with his jedi-potential and way with the droids — and Princess Leia — with her feminine spunk and greater destiny). Finn is the new Han Solo (he gets most of the funny lines, along with the real Han Solo, of course), and BB-8 is the new R2-D2 (who gets all the funny “beeps” and the good “boops”, just like R2 used to get). The First Order is the new Empire (complete with its new, much-bigger Death Star, a.k.a. Starkiller Base, better looking storm-troopers, and its new Emperor, a.k.a. Supreme Leader). Of course we have X-Wing vs. Tie dog-fights and canyon runs, as well as a brand new creature cantina (thankfully sans Hutt). Having all these reincarnated elements (and original-cast cameos) rather than a completely different angle, kind of makes The Force Awakens feel like the most amazing fan-film ever made. That’s a good thing. It’s like a reboot without starting over.

20141128-star-wars-force-awakens-screenshots-hr-009The new cast are good. I really enjoyed Jon Boyega as Finn. He’s so energetic and it’s clear that his character has a good heart. It was not difficult to want to root for his character at all. He was also very convincing as this kind of average guy who became extraordinary simply because of the choices he made. Plus, he was funny just by being frank and reacting like a regular guy. Daisy Ridley (who plays junk scavenger, Rey) looks like she could have been actress Keira Knightley’s younger, more-energetic sister (maybe Rey is the grand-daughter of Queen Amidala’s handmaid Sabe, who had a family and life of her own on Jakku. Fan-fic writers, go!). Rey is a character true to the Star Wars legacy of damsels-in-distress who rescue themselves. Finally, Kylo Ren is a much more flawed dark-side villain than the others. He actually has a temper (which they all should have had, because I thought that anger was the key to the dark side) and he has a lot of emotional struggles (though he still can force-throttle an underling like no one’s business but Darth’s). I think one of the things a bit lacking from this installment of the franchise is that the villain is not powerful enough. Despite the literally gigantic presence of the Supreme Leader (who is presumably the ultimate First Order villain), if Kylo Ren is one of the Order’s big bosses, it didn’t take much to take him down. So now I’m not sure what’s going to keep us going for the rest of the new trilogy. Ren also did not fulfill the coolness factor that both Boba Fett and Darth Maul did in the other two trilogies. We need a new bad-ass and he was not it.

forceawakens4-xlargeNevertheless, I thought that The Force Awakens was a really fun movie to watch. It gave so many familiar elements a new coat of paint, and it was great to see some of the original cast in some meaty cameos. I’m hoping that now that they’ve established a launching point to move on with the series, they can actually do something new next time, but in the mean time this movie deserves a 4.5 out of 5.

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