Fall TV 2015 – Weeks 3/4

Fall tv premieres are winding down, and we’ve had a few episodes with many of the early-starters. Unfortunately, the new crop really hasn’t had very many standouts. I’ve already stopped watching a number of the shows that I tried out a week or two ago. In any case, there are a few more shows returning over the past two weeks (plus one somewhat unfortunate new one).

goodwife 701The Good Wife

Last season was quite a rollercoaster ride for Alicia. After leaving her nascent law firm to run for states attorney, she was forced into saying that she fixed the election, and withdrawing in disgrace. So now she’s back at rock bottom, starting all over again. She’s doing cases in bond court, representing people just arrested and wanting to be released on bail. It’s clearly a low-rung job for a high calibre lawyer like her. While I don’t love the low-rent atmosphere of the bond court, I do like that we’ve been introduced to a new regular character, Lucca Quinn (another bond attorney) and have also given more screen time to Alicia’s daughter Grace, who seems to have a lot of free time to act as a kind of receptionist for her mom’s at-home legal practice. There’s a whole other storyline regarding her husband Peter’s political career, but I never much cared for that aspect of the show (and I hope they tone it down). Also a bit tenuous is the connection to Alicia’s old law firm. In many ways it resembles Lockhart Gardiner, whatever it’s called now, but I’m not sure how much screen time they’re going to keep giving to Alicia’s former partners. In any case, it’s been quite a shakeup this season, and while I was hesitant at first, I think I kind of like this new direction.

The Flash

This season picks up from the finale of the premiere season, where the Flash stopped a cataclysmic black hole from forming and destroying the world after Dr. Wells wanted to create a wormhole back to his own time. At the beginning of the premiere all his group of friends and allies had disbanded after the wormhole event, but all came back together to help Barry accomplish his mission as the Flash. I’m so glad that they didn’t drag out this storyline of the team being fragmented for long (I always find that contrived when you know they are going to get back together — because otherwise, there’s no reason for side characters to stay on the show). Anyway, by the second episode we find out that there’s a new speed villain in the mix named Zoom, and he has brought over metahuman villains from that other dimension in order to kill Barry Allen’s Flash (another Flash also joins). Ostensibly this is a new threat, but it does seem like an obvious excuse to keep having super-powered baddies showing up. I have no problem with that, because the beauty of this show are those conflicts between The Flash and his enemies. I think they’re getting back into a familiar groove again, so I hope this season will be just as enjoyable as the first one.

jane-the-virginJane the Virgin

This dramedy is still rocking the clever tone as a telenovela/soap opera which self-consciously pokes fun at telenovelas. When last we left, Jane had just given birth to hers and Rafael’s son Mateo, but he was kidnapped by an imposter nurse! Most of the first episode was spent with Jane, Rafael, and Jane’s ex-fiance Michael, cooking up some crazy plot to get Mateo back from the kidnapper (who happened to be sneaky crime-lord/lady Sin Rostro). I have always loved this blend of the story of Jane and her relationships with the crazy, over-the-top telenovela story-lines that happen all around her. I’m not quite sure where the show will go next, but I hope they don’t string us on regarding the central love triangle. I hope they make Jane choose, and soon. They went through so many plot twists in season one, that I’m not sure where they’re going to go now.

crazy x 960Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Despite the fact that I really enjoy lavish musicals, I was not intending to watch this show. It’s about a woman who decides to leave her promising career as a New York lawyer to move to small time southern California to rekindle things with her one-summer former boyfriend who she’s always been in love with — oh, and it’s a musical, with singing and dancing, etc. I don’t think the musical format goes that well with neuroses, and main character Rebecca has got those in spades. So from that point of view, I don’t look forward to a show about a young woman making bad choices and being humiliated or struggling to deal with her bad circumstances. Also, the musical format comes across as a bit ridiculous. Other reviewers claim that this is a kind of ground-breaking, innovative new show, but there have been other musical shows (including the recently ended Glee), so if it’s just the rom-com aspect that makes this show so “fresh”, I don’t agree that that’s something positive for this show. I found some of the side characters (including a jealous rival in Rachel’s new law firm who was always suspicious of Rachel, wondering why she’d leave NYC for this) pretty funny. I don’t think I’m going to give this show much more of my time, but at least they should get an A for effort.

So that’s pretty much it for this year’s fall premieres. Now I’ll just keep enjoying all the new episodes, and as far as new series go, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Quantico will still be interesting once the mysteries are revealed.


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