Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 – Capsule Review


Though I no longer consider myself a Twilight fan, I was anticipating this final chapter in the “saga” (at least enough to make an iTunes rental of it). I was not crazy about Part 1 mostly because of how unpleasant it was to watch Kristen Stewart waste away as Bella, the human girl who fell in love with a vampire, got pregnant with his child and barely survived the labour (well, actually she didn’t survive it but became undead/immortal instead). Since the last two movies were two halves of the same book, it’s no surprise that the fun stuff is packed into the second half. Now Bella is a vampire, so we get to see her and hubby Edward running really fast, jumping really high, scaling sheer cliff faces, etc. Unfortuately, joy may be short-lived because the nasty Volturi (the Italian triumvirate who apparently dispense vampire justice around the world) found out about their vamp-human hybrid daughter Renesmee and think that she’s a baby who was turned into a vampire by the Cullens (a strictly forbidden thing to do). So, with the Volturi on their way, the clan reaches out to friends around the world to vouch for them (and fight for them if need be — Fight! Fight! Fight!). I cared very little for the romantic bits, or the family bits. They seemed overwrought and unrealistic anyway. But I did enjoy all the vampire stuff and I’m glad that they spent a big chunk of the movie depicting the battle (if you don’t like decapitations, you might want to stick with lighter fare). From a movie fantasy point of view, they seem to have wasted a lot of the cool powers that some of the vampires had. One gal could give off super-painful jolts of electricity; another could project totally real sensory illusions; another could cause severe pain with her mind; and the most wasted of all was a guy who could manipulate the elements. He could create fire, cause water to form a wall, and more, but in the end, everyone just rushes forward with their claws and fangs out. There’s a bit of a twist at the end and since I never read the book I didn’t see it coming, but it’s a pretty good twist. While I had kind of lost interest in the franchise, this movie is a nice climactic wrap-up. I don’t care much about all the “Edward & Bella forever” hooey, but there’s an interesting fantasy world here with the vampires that I wish could have been or will be further explored (4 out of 5).


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