Fifteen Flicks for Fall 2011

1. Dream House (9/30)

Daniel Craig is my idol, so having him star in a creepy, twisty, Sixth Sense style thriller with his real-life wife Rachel Weisz — sign me up!

2. Real Steel (10/7)

I’m not really a fan of boxing movies. They seem to follow a very predictable arc, and I just don’t connect with the idea of fighting as a metaphor for life. However, I think Hugh Jackman is near-infallible as a movie star, so the combination of him and big robots fighting in a ring might actually make this one a winner.

3. Footloose (10/14)

From Smurfs to A-Team, 80s revivals are becoming a genre in their own right, but the awesome thing about this reboot is that besides the updated dance moves, they are going to cover the much-loved songs from the original. Unlike the purists out there, I love cover versions, and I can’t wait to “hear it for the boy”, again.

4. In Time (10/28)

Though high-concept-yet-mainstream sci-fi has not always worked out (see Jumper, The Adjustment Bureau, or Source Code, and decide for yourself), I am intrigued with the idea of being able to buy and sell one’s own life and youth. I’m also not yet convinced of Justin Timberlake’s movie-stardom, but we’ll see.

5. Anonymous (10/28)

Director Roland Emmerich is known more for his epic grandiosity than his cultured sophistication, so his movie about the possibly true account of the man who may have authored the works of William Shakespeare could be an Elizabethan train wreck. Nevertheless, let’s hope that it all stays wonderfully on-the-rails instead.

6. Puss In Boots (11/9)

Hopefully this feline spin-off prequel from the Shrek franchise will have the freshness and humour of the first movie, and not the tired derivativeness of the last one.

7. Immortals (11/11)

This is one of my fall tentpoles. I have always loved Greek mythology (so I’ll pretend that the recent Clash of the Titans snooze-fest was based on Sumerian myths instead) so I can’t wait to see this stylish take on the genre. Director Tarsem Singh’s imagination may have previously gone overboard with the trippy J.Lo thriller The Cell, but you gotta admit, the visuals were amazing.

8. Melancholia (11/11)

I know he’s an acquired taste, but I’ve been a fan of director Lars Von Trier since Dancer in the Dark. So to hear that his new movie begins with the end of the world has got me more than a little intrigued (Oh, and Kirsten Dunst is in it… Whatevs…).

9. Happy Feet 2 (11/18)

For me, the first Happy Feet was a near-perfect animated movie worthy of Pixar (who didn’t actually make the film). I can only hope that this sequel will be as good or better than the original and that I have not lost my taste for adorable singing, rapping penguins.

10. Twilight: Breaking Dawn, pt. 1 (11/18)

While I feel nowhere near the kind of melancholy about this two-part movie-franchise-ender that I did for HP & The Deathly Hallows, I did actually recover a bit of my love for Twilight when I watched the last movie, so I greet the imminent wedding, pregnancy, and vamping of Bella (Oops, spoiler alert? I haven’t read the novel so I have only heard that’s what happens. I could be wrong…) with some eagerness.

11. Hugo (11/23)

A 1930s kids fantasy featuring a steam-punk little automaton, along with kick-ass child-star Chloe Moretz, directed by Martin Scorsese himself (yet not featuring any gangs) is going to be a wonderful pre-holiday palate-cleanser.

12. Coriolanus (12/2)

I’ve never read this one of Shakespeare’s plays, but I am a sucker for film adaptations of the Bard. Let’s hope that Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler do him justice.

13. The Iron Lady (12/16)

I don’t know much about Margaret Thatcher, but I am a fan of things British, and any chance to see Meryl Streep embody another larger-than-life persona would be a treat. She is too amazing.

14. Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (12/8) and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (12/21)

I think both sequels look like they will be a lot of fun (and hopefully not just cashing in on a film franchise).

15. Adventures of Tintin (12/21)

This motion captured animated adaptation of the classic French comic book adventure is directed by Steven Spielberg, featuring the god of motion-capture acting, Andy “My Precious” Serkis, and of course, the voice of Daniel Craig. What a perfect way to cap off a year of comic book adaptations (both good and bad).

Honorable Mentions:

We Bought A Zoo features Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in a new film by writer director Cameron Crowe. New Year’s Eve is the successor to last year’s Valentine’s Day — the multi-story rom-com anthology that I didn’t hate. And the award for my favorite cool action-movie title goes to both Killer Elite (featuring Jason Statham) and Machine Gun Preacher (featuring Gerard Butler).


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