TV season 2011: So long, cancelled shows

I don’t know if things are worse this year, but there seems to be a lot of buzz around all the shows that aren’t coming back next season. I thought I’d take a few bytes to say “Good riddance” or “I’ll miss you” to the best and worst of them. (BTW, I might not mention the shows that barely made it out of the starting gate, which were cancelled a while ago; or maybe I gave up on them so long ago that I forgot they were still on the air.)

Medium was a series that I loved from the first episode to last. It wasn’t a surprise that this series was ending (and the finale aired way back in January), but I really wish that it could go on. Nevertheless, I thought that the time jumping “what if” scenarios of the finale were an interesting, dramatic and kind of touching wrap up to one of my favourite series.

On the other hand, I did not care that many other genre shows got cancelled, including No Ordinary Family, The Cape, V, The Event and even Smallville, which came to a nice soft landing after the end of its tenth season, were no longer on my watch list. I was, however, disappointed that Human Target was cancelled. I know it didn’t get great ratings, but I felt like its second season got way better when they added more characters. Lastly, the show that I had a love-hate relationship with: Stargate: Universe. The spinning wheel definitely ended up at “love”. Not only will I miss this show, its characters and interesting stories, it’s the last space ship show on tv (with the exception of Doctor Who’s police box). On the plus side, Fringe only gets more interesting with time and after this year’s “two universes” story, I am really glad we get to come back again and find out what happened to Peter Bishop.

On the comedy front, there were a lot of pink slips. I had high hopes for Better With You and Outsourced at the beginning of the season (even though those series were respectively received with apathy and resentment). While they didn’t live up to their potentials as the season went on, I was still disappointed that neither was renewed. Same goes for another young-people-in-relationships sitcom, Mad Love. I was enjoying the hilarious antics of Tyler Labine and his friction with Judy Greer. Oh well.

I will not miss Matthew Perry’s lame show, Mr. Sunshine, nor am I sad for Chaos or Breaking In (I know, you probably blinked and missed those shows, right?) One that I will miss (a bit) is the derivative single-mom sitcom Working Class (featuring Melissa Peterman from Reba in the lead). On the other hand, the eleventh hour addition, Happy Endings (with 24’s cougar-bait Elisha Cuthbert) ended up growing on me after the double-shot of episodes which aired each week. I look forward to seeing the nouveau-Friends next season.

I guess for my watch list the effect wasn’t too severe, but it seems like the networks are really clear-cutting their schedules to make way for some new shows come fall. In another post, I will talk about some of the previews that the nets have posted online and let you know which ones I’m most excited about.


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