2010 TV Characters: Love and Hate

Characters I Loved

Danny “Danno” Williams, the awesome update of the theme song, and the amazing computer table are the three things that make the new reboot of Hawaii Five-O a cool show. Danno’s over-stated sarcasm, his love for all things New Jersey over Honolulu, and his refusal to trade his tie-and-dress-shoes attire for the aloha shirts and flip-flops is what makes him a loveable young curmudgeon who still gets to book the bad guys.

Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory) continues to be a riot as the new girl on the Big Bang block. To think that someone could actually out-Sheldon Sheldon is too funny! I hope they loosen her up a bit, but who knows if that’s possible…

Everyone loves evil vixens, but Katherine Pierce has been especially good at stirring things up in Mystic Falls. She’s delightfully scheming, bitchy and flirty all at the same time. Then there’s her vampire progeny, Caroline Forbes, who used to be just another blonde teen princess, but who knew that she could become strong, trustworthy, and deep just by becoming a vampire. The scenes where she tried to patch things up with her mom, the sheriff, were heart-breaking.

Brittany Pierce (Glee) is like Ralph Wiggum in the body of a hot blonde cheerleader. Though her believing in Santa Claus might have pushed her precious-meter a bit high, generally I wait eagerly to hear what hilarious comment comes out of her mouth each episode. Too bad about her choice of boyfriend Artie (see below), though she seems to bring out the best in him.

Everybody loves Kalinda (The Good Wife) … well not everybody, but bad ol’ Blake is on my naughty list (see below). She’s smart, sexy, and kind of unscrupulous in a do-right kind of way. She’s the best private investigator and I think we’re just glad she’s on our side, right?

Every time River Song (Doctor Who) makes an appearance, I just want her to spill all of her “spoilers” about The Doctor, but I’m not sure I want her to lose any of her enchanting mystique.

You might not know Kenzi, the delightful, street-wise young protege of sexy succubus Bo from Lost Girl, but she’s a non-stop font of snappy dialogue and sass. Similarly, you might not have watched lukewarm sitcom Better With You, but if you did, you might find loveable lug Casey endearing in his off-beat dimness.

Finally, the entire cast of Modern Family is worthy of TV love (in fact, I should probably name this category after them), but this time I honour the character who’s come the furthest this season: Haley Dunphy. She could have coasted along on mean-girl cliches, but instead she became a nice sister (especially when she got excited teaching little sis Alex how to be cool) and loving daughter (when she tried to talk her mom, Claire, out of cheating on doofus husband Phil with the pizza boy — a hilarious misunderstanding).

Characters I Hated

Lo, how the mighty have fallen! Sue Sylvester (Glee) was on my “love” list last year, but I can’t stand the way she hasn’t changed or grown at all. Her snarky quips are getting tired, and the less about the Grinch or her marrying herself, the better. I also reserve some loathing for Artie Abrams, a most pathetic guy (in no way because of his wheelchair) who tries to be cool, rapping, etc., but is still a huge nerd (and not the good kind). While I love to see my fellow Asian on screen, Mike Chang really needs another skill besides pop-and-lock, and while he’s at it, he could use a few more facial expressions too.

It’s tragic that I can’t stand watching episodes of The Office solely because of Michael Scott. His ignorance and selfishness know no bounds and while they were compensated in the past by his love for his colleagues and a good heart. Lately, he’s just become so petty, whiney and mean that the only time I’m coming back to Scranton Business Park is when they replace him.

Dr. Cal Lightman (Lie To Me) is almost like a more serious, non-sitcom version Michael Scott. Self-involved, smug, and insufferable, I constantly want to whack him over the head. Plus he treats everyone around him so condescendingly, I don’t care if he gets the job done.

Dana Walsh (24) was a tragic waste of actress Katee Sackhoff. She’s the only character on this list who I hate because the character makes no sense. First she’s all panicky and flustered for being blackmailed about her hicktown past, but then it turns out she’s a cold-blooded killer and conspirator with international terrorists? Whatever. Stupid character.

I’ll give Julianne Giacomelli (Being Erica) some credit for improvement in season 3, but she’s just so plastic and weird. I don’t “heart” her at all.

For a show that I love, like The Good Wife, you’d think that I would love all the characters. Strangely, there are actually many that I hate: Grace & Zach Florrick (the ridiculously needy and foolishly unsavvy teen children of public-eye parents who should know better), Blake Calamar (What’s the deal with this guy? Look what he’s done to our beloved Kalinda!), Cary Agos (How could smarmy, self-serving and boring all be wrapped up in a single character?) and Becca (She may be pretty, but all her scheming makes me want to smack her).


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