Movie #42: The Ghost Writer

I always thought I was an intelligent movie-watcher, but there’s just something about thrillers like The Ghost Writer that dim my enjoyment a bit. I enjoy the twists and the clues, but the pace is slow and often characters have conversations that sound like they’re meaningful and revealing, but aren’t really that interesting to watch. A lot of times when the big mystery is revealed at the end, I shrug when I realize that it’s something I already thought of and dismissed. Despite this movie-viewing malaise, I enjoyed Ewan MacGregor in the lead as the ghost writer, working on the autobiography of fictional British former Prime Minister Andrew Lang (played by Pierce Brosnan) after the first ghost writer washes up on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard. As MacGregor starts his job, Lang is undergoing political attacks and facing charges from the International Criminal Court for war crimes. Before long, MacGregor discovers that there may be some skeletons in Lang’s closet that have direct bearing on why his predecessor died, and why his own life might be in danger. The movie is directed by Roman Polanski, so it’s got a pedigree as a complex thriller. The cast is filled out by Kim Cattrall as Lang’s aide, and Olivia Williams as Lang’s wife. While I can’t say that I really enjoyed this movie, by the second half it picked up enough that I was at least excited to find out how it played out. Unfortunately, the ending (which was kind of open-ended) was a strange disappointment. (3.5 out of 5)

8 more to go!


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