Movie #40: Under The Mountain

I can’t believe that people on the internet found Under The Mountain imaginative and fresh. It was a lame fantasy/horror adventure for tweens is what it was. Generally, I go for those kinds of Harry Potter, Golden Compass, even Lemony Snickett kind of movies, but this one was beyond-blah. Essentially, after the death of their mother, two New Zealand twins (Rachel and Theo) go to live with their uncle, aunt, and cousin in Auckland. Little did they expect that they would be living next door to a creepy “family” of zombie-like, slimy, aliens-in-disguise, and that the two of them (with the guidance of a Sam Neill able to shoot fire from his hands and teleport) are destined to battle these evil forces and save the world with the power of their “twin-ness” (I am not joking there). I was also surprised that Weta Workshop (the FX masters behind the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy) worked on this film as well because the effects had a really cheesy, 1980s feel to them. Nevertheless, I give props to New Zealand for attempting a semi-ambitious film such as this, but I think they might need a bit more practice. Maybe director Jonathan King should phone up fellow New Zealander Peter Jackson for a few pointers. In any case, for kids into fantasy adventure who have worn out all their other movies, this might be worth a rental, but everyone else should just watch Lord of the Rings again. (2.5 out of 5)

40 down, 10 more to go!


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