Movie #35: Repo Men

I knew that Repo Men was going to be cut-rate sci-fi, so I didn’t watch it in the theatre. Set in future Toronto (at least it looks like Toronto, since it was filmed less than a block from where I live — Hey, the subway does not fly over Yonge-Dundas Square!) where everyone seems to have artificial organs, which they mortgage to pay for. When they can’t make the monthlies, enter someone like Remy (played by Jude Law) or Jake (played by Forest Whitaker) who are repo men who happily assault and murder delinquent clients all in the name of enforcing the company’s financial arrangements and reclaiming its “property”. When Remy gets knocked unconscious on the job and needs a new heart to survive, he himself ends up on the other side of the taser — the hunter becomes the hunted (you know I had to say that!). There’s definitely not much that is original in this movie (even though it’s actually adapted from a novel). The tables being turned on an enforcement officer in a futuristic environment was essentially the premise of the far-superior Minority Report. There’s also a lot of parallels in this movie to the classic Total Recall. Jude Law has buffed up his wiry frame a bit to play the lead character, but he’s not quite an action hero. There are some annoying movie devices that director Miguel Sapochnik seems to have stolen from Guy Ritchie: the stylized flashback, the casually brutal violence, and the use of distracting voiceovers. Frankly, I’m not even sure that this story had much in it that could have benefited from better direction or production anyway. It’s just kind of a second-string sci-fi-action film. Take it or leave it. (3 out of 5)

35 down, 15 to go!


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