Movie #29: Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell definitely wastes no time living up to its title: in the first ten minutes of prologue, some poor kid, who stole a silver necklace from a gypsy, literally gets dragged kicking and screaming into Hell. So without further ado, the tone is set for this B-movie horror film. This is not the subtly-creepy psychological stuff with the single-noun title (I’m talking about The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye or The Cupcake … yes, I made that last one up). It’s also not the tongue-in-cheek, self-referential stuff like the Scream series, or any of a million “reboots” of franchises like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. This is flat-out, gross, over-the-top, schlocky horror. Poor little Christine Brown (played by sweet little Alison Lohman), in danger of losing a promotion to assistant manager at the bank where she works, she decides to deny a creepy old lady an extension on her mortgage. Out of spite, the crone decides to curse her (after a ridiculously brutal scene where she attacks Christine — at one point even gumming Christine after her dentures fell out), and that’s when it all comes spewing forth — literally. There are so many scenes of gross gushers pouring out of people, it’s not even funny — well, actually it kind of is. Cheesy as some parts may be, this movie really does what it sets out to do as a good B-horror: I found myself shuddering in revulsion, hunching my shoulders out of tension, yelling back at the TV screen, you name it. I also found myself predicting what would happen when various elements (kittens, cakes, seances, knives) were introduced into a scene (“OK, I think blood is going to come out of that cake.”) and I was mostly right. Nevertheless, it was a crazy crazy ride to an unfortunately unsatisfying ending. There is clearly another way this movie could have gone and (even though I totally predicted the actual ending — and I’m sure you would too) in the end I don’t know why director Sam Raimi (of Spider-man fame) chose the ending that he did. I’m not a horror movie fan by any stretch, and I don’t know if I’d say that watching this movie was fun, but I did end up with that post-tension giddiness and relief of it being over. It’s definitely a movie that I won’t soon forget. (3.5 out of 5)

29 down, 21 to go!


2 thoughts on “Movie #29: Drag Me To Hell”

  1. I was somewhat surprised that you included a horror movie in the 50 movies in the summer. I like your comment about how you were yelling back at the T.V. screen. Glad to know that I”m not the only one that does that. haha…..

  2. Actually, ever since I was pleasantly surprised by Scream, I’ve kept an open mind about horror movies. I just don’t like it when they’re too gory or too demonic. However, I think there’s too many bad horror movies that are out there. Nevertheless, I’ve actually got another one on my “list”. I plan to watch Paranormal Activity as well some time soon.

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