Movie #26: The Lookout

The Lookout had me fooled to the point that I was losing interest in watching to the end. The movie is about Chris Pratt (played by a typically subdued Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a young guy coping with brain damage after a very serious car accident. He has trouble remembering things and keeping events in sequence, so he writes down notes in a notepad that he carries around. He works as a janitor in a small town Kansas bank, and he lives with a blind roommate (played by Jeff Daniels with a beard). It seemed like this was just going to be one of those depressing indie films where people in small-town America cope with the hardships of their lives. However, one night as he’s drowning his self-pity at a local bar, Chris meets Gavin (played by Matthew Goode) who claims to be an old schoolmate. Pretty soon Chris is enjoying Gavin’s friendship and the companionship of Luvlee (a beautiful girl from Gavin’s posse) and a warm welcome into their circle of friends. Before long Gavin asks Chris to help him rob the bank, playing on Chris’s frustrations to motivate him. At that point I was getting nervous about where this movie was going because I hate stories where crafty bad characters take advantage of the hard-luck cases. They always the end up learning tough lessons about trust and how there’s nothing good in life. Depressing! Nevertheless, I continued to watch and the movie took another turn when the robbery went seriously wrong. That’s when it got kind of exciting and the movie became a bit of a thriller. Suffice it to say that the last quarter of the movie redeemed the rest of it for me. (3.5 out of 5)

26 down, 24 to go!


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