Predators – Movie Review

The hype around the latest Predator movie says that it’s pretty good. I’m no Predator expert, but it seems like a pretty typical action movie to me. Start out with Adrien Brody waking up in free-fall, hurtling towards the planet’s surface. Good thing he manages to activate his chute. On the ground, he discovers that he’s not alone. A number of others have also been dumped in the jungle, some with weapons, others with only their wits and bare hands. Adding to the bad situation, there are monstrous predators in the jungle as well. Let’s see who survives. The opening premise has potential. As we get to know the various players, we learn that they’re all dangerous individuals in their own right — warriors, terrorists, and murderers — who’ve been taken from various conflicts around the world to become prey here. Sadly, as we get to know them, the characters quickly lose their distinctiveness and we end up with just another lost party trying to survive in the wild.

Brody isn’t bad as the ex-military, de facto leader of the group, but his Batman-esque growling gets tired. He gets credit for buffing himself up and becoming a surprisingly believable tough guy. As for the rest of the motley crew, given their various backgrounds, you’d think that others in the group would have half a brain as well, rather than relying on him as much as they do. Oh, in case this makes any difference to you, this time around there are two different kinds of Predators (though neither seems intelligent enough to do more than growl and snarl), and a small part for Laurence Fishburne. In the end, this movie was satisfactory, and probably better than most other Predator films, but I think that we could have done just fine without it. (3 out of 5).


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