“Don’t Stop Believing” – 2009’s pop anthem?

For some reason, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, has had a surprising resurgence in popular culture this year, 28 years after its debut (two years after it capped the finale of The Sopranos TV series). It’s been featured on American Idol, it was the number selected from hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages to be performed at the Tony Awards, and it was released for the video game Rock Band. Where I first rediscovered the song was in the pilot episode for the hot new Fox TV series Glee, where a cover of the song made the show-stopping finale (and probably helped that single episode win many eager fans for a series that would not show its second episode until more than 3 months later — less than a week from tonight!) Last but not least, I find this YouTube video with an inventive presentation of the song. I wonder how many more instances of it I will be seeing/hearing this year. Frankly I can’t get enough of it, so rock on!


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