Torchwood: Children of Earth – TV (P)review

Anyone who’s seen the “They’re here…” moment from Poltergeist, or seen images of the Village of the Damned kids with their glowing eyes, knows that children have long been used for both sentimental and chilling effect in sci-fi and horror. In the new Torchwood mini-series, Children of Earth (technically season/series 3 of the BBC show), both of those aspects are at the centre of the story. Watch the trailer to see how eerie it is when all the children of the world stop at a single moment and speak in unison [He shudders as he types.] There is some kind of alien reason why this is happening and Torchwood (the fictional British investigation unit of all things extraterrestrial) try to sort it out. Unfortunately for them, there’s a bigger and more insidious government connection that goes all the way up to the Prime Minister and beyond that will seriously get in their way. Children of Earth is an excellent five-episode series that is full of action, suspense, and lots of drama (the intense kind and the tear-jerking kind). Plus, there’s quite a few turning points where the story (maybe if it came from Hollywood) would have gone a certain way, but instead it goes in the unexpected direction — which is even more interesting. Every review I’ve seen is also quick to point out (as I am about to) that you don’t have to have seen the entire Torchwood series to-date to get into the mini-series and enjoy it. Many of the characters are new (and many of the characters from the series are gone). Frankly, having watched the series, I think this is the best stuff they’ve done. The themes are pretty universal and the whole alien/sci-fi aspects are just the context that triggers the political and emotional drama. The way the story unfolds over 5 consecutive nights is brilliant. This is a must-see summer blockbuster in my books. (5 out of 5)

The series plays over 5 days (July 20-24) on BBC America in the US, and Space in Canada

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