2009: Best TV Midseason Ever!

Well, 2008 is coming to a close, and if you’re like me and watching re-showings of The Sound of Music or Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer for the umpteenth time just didn’t do it for you, take heart, for the dawn will be breaking. Let me give you a dozen or so shows that will make 2009 the best midseason ever!


Talk about coming back from cliffhangers! I don’t know whether I’m more interested in what happens to the Oceanic Six, what happens to the folks on the raft, how they’re going to spin it that Jin didn’t die on the freighter (c’mon, you know it’s gonna happen) or what happened to the island (maybe there’ll be a crossover with new time-slot-neighbour Life on Mars where Det. Sam Tyler investigates the sudden appearance of a mysterious island in the 70s, eh?). Counting down to Jan. 21!


We all know the saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So after that horrendous Day 6, they gave us over a year to forget all about it. Putting aside the mediocre 2-hour movie from a month ago, if Day 7 starts to stink (and I gotta say evil, bald Tony Almeida is not smelling too fresh) I will have no choice but to cancel that Tivo season pass. In the mean time, in Jack Bauer we trust and I’m still counting down to Jan. 11!

Battlestar Galactica

Amazing how the question of who is the last Cylon actually eclipses the “My Battlestar went to Earth and all I got was this lousy wasteland” problem. I have no idea what other story elements are coming in this final half of the final season (basically its own little season), but I’ve heard that it’ll wrap up a lot of things, and it’ll all make sense (Do you think Baltar will finally get what he deserves? … that sniveling little traitor). Counting down to Jan. 16!


Don’t “What the?” me, I love this show a lot, and you should be loving it too. I am always nervous each year that NBC won’t bring this show back, but here we are into season 5. Yes, I’m getting a little tired of seeing Allison wake from another prophetic and cryptic nightmare, but the show is still exciting, interesting and well done. I’m sad that she’s not back at the D.A.’s office, but I guess the varied context keeps things interesting. Counting down to Feb. 2!

Doll House

I’ve tried not to immerse myself in too much of the fanboy-friendly detail out there already about this new high-concept, personality-switching, secret-agent show from Buffy creator Joss Whedon. Nevertheless, I am dying to see Eliza Dushku on TV again and this show sounds so cool that it really needs to come out of the gate to win — both the ratings and my heart — counting down eagerly to Feb. 13! (Boy, that’s pretty far off…)

Burn Notice/Psych

I lumped together both of these very fun shows from U.S. cable which usually run their seasons in the summer, but this year decided to break it up over fall and winter — go figure. I’m very much looking forward to further hijinks from the original fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (counting down to Jan. 9) and spy-jinks (sorry, couldn’t resist) from “new McGuyver” Michael Westen (counting down to Jan. 22).

Heroes: Fugitives

I know, I know, what am I doing putting this heartbreaker on the list? I know we were promised new life in Heroes: Villains, and left disappointed. But my faith in this show has got a dose of Claire’s undying blood cells. They are again promising a return to form with Fugitives. Plus it bodes well that they have plucked uber-writer Bryan Fuller from the tragic remains of Pushing Daisies (RIP Piemaker). Considering how much I loved this show and its potential, I have to give it another shot. Counting down to Feb. 2!

Lie To Me/Castle/Kings

Three new wild-card shows that could be good or not. With the lack of lawyer-shows on my Tivo these days, I’m nevertheless looking forward to one of my favourite actors from The Practice returning to TV. Kelli Williams (formerly Lindsay Dole) plays a psychologist and partner to Tim Roth’s human lie-detector in “Lie To Me”. (Jan. 21) “Castle” features another fave, Nathan Fillion (forever Captain Mal Reynolds of Firefly) playing a mystery novel writer who finds that a real-life serial killer is copying his fictional murders — I’ll bet Jessica Fletcher never had to deal with that kind of guilt! (Mar. 9) Finally, Kings is a promising new show which takes the Biblical story of King David as a loose basis for a contemporary drama about power in the big city (Mar. 19).


I actually have only middling interest in this show — that means I’ve watched all the episodes but I am not dying to see more. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty fun sitcom at a time when sitcoms aren’t exactly the hottest thing on TV. Counting down to Jan. 6!


OK. This one’s a cheat because it’s actually only taken a one-week break over the holidays. Plus, it’s not new in midseason. It was new in December. Plus, plus, you’ve probably not heard of it. Well, let me take this opp to tell you about a cool new show that puts together an Ocean’s Eleven style crew of thieves and clever crooks (with Timothy Hutton as the lead do-gooder) to play Robin Hood on behalf of those who suffer at the hands of some of the powerful-yet-unscrupulous individuals in the world. No need to count down to Dec. 30 (or the week after that)!

Knight Rider revamp – again!

Last and possibly least is the revamping (yes, again) of the re-imagined Knight Rider series. Never one to shy away from a nice solid brick wall on which to bang my head, I think I might give this show another chance to win me over. At the very least I want to see what kinds of changes they are making — is it even possible to make this show any dumber? Counting down to Jan. 7!


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