“Pushing Daisies” Dead: Now ABC is on my naughty list, too

Breaking: ‘Pushing Daisies,’ ‘Eli Stone’ & ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ Axed? – KTV: Korbi TV – Zap2it

Well, at least it’s not as bad as NBC keeping Knight Rider over My Own Worst Enemy, but ABC canceling Pushing Daisies after keeping it afloat for two seasons is a bit disappointing (I don’t really care about Eli Stone or Dirty Sexy Money, who are also getting the axe). In its first season, I gave Daisies a try, and watched it through to the strike-induced early end, but I thought that season 2 was much better. I look forward to the adventures of the pie-maker and his motley crew each week. It’s one of the more unique shows out there (even though it’s a procedural show at the core — CSI: Wonderland?). Sad to say that while ABC will surely redeem themselves when Lost returns in 2009, but I can’t believe that The Bachelor is still going. (And did you know that America’s Funniest Home Videos is still in production? I thought they were all just repeats!) In any case, I will savour the last morsels of Pushing Daisies if ABC will please air the remaining eps. Come on, we need our fix of homeopathic anti-depressant pies, OK?

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