NBC Cancels “Enemy” (I’m not so happy with them anymore)

Breaking: NBC Axes ‘Lipstick,’ ‘Enemy’ | | Ausiello Files | EW.com

Breaking News – NBC Pulls the Plug on “Enemy,” “Jungle” | TheFutonCritic.com

I have to say, this kind of sucks. I was really enjoying My Own Worst Enemy, so I wish that NBC didn’t just cancel it. I mean for goodness sake, they picked up an entire season of the lame Knight Rider reboot, why not let Enemy find its footing a bit? Sure, it could have had more memorable episode storylines, but the overall arc was getting good as we were learning more about the Janus organization. The family drama side was also a bit weak, but it felt like it was about to get going somewhere. I still believe that had the show lived on, Madchen Amick would have been revealed to be a kick-ass wife/spy. Now I guess we’ll never know.

3 thoughts on “NBC Cancels “Enemy” (I’m not so happy with them anymore)”

  1. I think MOWE was too expensive. Knight Rider costs nothing to make, there’s no big names and the effects are terrible. But MOWE had Christian Slater and Alfre Woodard, I doubt they’re cheap, and it appears to have a very high budget, based on the quality. Poor NBC has to save money somehow, the best way is to get rid of expensive shows.
    I doubt the midseason show Kings stands much of a chance after this news.
    What I don’t understand is how 18.6 million people will watch NCIS which has no edvertisements or big stars, and MOWE only gets 4.3 million with crazy ads and relatively large stars. It’s a mystery.
    – izi

  2. I’m sure you’re right, izi. It’s too bad when “business” gets in the way of “show”. I too do not understand the high ratings for procedurals. (Then again, I am also not one of the millions tuning in to American Idol.) I always wish that I had the billions necessary to have my own TV network so I could save the shows I like and keep them going without worrying about whether or not the ratings were good enough.

    At least they’re going to burn off the remaining episodes of MOWE until Dec. I hope there’s some closure at the end.

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