Revisiting the Vistors: V is coming Back!

I am so excited about this news: The Visitors are coming back to TV! With the slew of 80s revamps over the past few years (BSG, Bionic Woman, Knight Rider), I had a sneaking suspicion that this was coming, but now that it’s been announced, I am extremely psyched (Check out Slice of SciFi for more details).

Obviously I was a huge fan of the original mini-series (and the sequel). I even tried to get into the ongoing series. (I even started a Toronto-based V novel for a school project — no it didn’t get completed, or really very “started”.) I don’t know what it was about those red-jumpsuit-wearing, hamster-eating, alien-lizard-Nazis that was so appealing, but I couldn’t get enough of them at the time. I really hope that this new mini-series does a good, serious job of it rather than anything campy or cheesy (yes, I’m looking at you, new Knight Rider). It goes without question that there was a lot more tolerance for campiness in the 80s. Nowadays, we like our sci-fi TV darker and deeper (thanks for that, BSG!)

Nevertheless, this announcement has made me a bit nostalgic. I might have to go rent me some original series DVDs.


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