Potter film delay is a drag

If you hadn’t heard what the hub-bub was, check this link:

Anyway, there’s been a lot of unhappiness about this in the Potter fan world, and I have clearly made myself known as a Potter fan with opinions so why don’t I share mine? As far as a delay for the next movie, I think it’s a disappointing drag, but as many are saying, WB has every right to do it, and it’s only 8 months. However, I think the way it’s all been handled is the real drag.

First, the timing is terrible. WB president Horn saying that the writers’ strike is the reason for the delay suggests that they really should have been able to call it a while ago. They should have at least made the call before the trailers started appearing on screen (still promising November even when I saw the trailer before The Clone Wars). They also should have told fellow Warner company, Entertainment Weekly, before they put Harry Potter on the cover of their fall movie preview issue. Paramount has already done the delay thing with the new Star Trek, so WB should know that this is not going to go over well. Building up all this expectation only to disappoint is such a foolish thing. All that marketing money spent is not only wasted, but is funding the backlash in the hearts of fans. To put all this money and planning into building up on the buzz only to abruptly announce this delay is kind of like a brisk run up a sloping hill only to step off a steep cliff on the other side of the summit.

Second, I think it’s ironic how Horn, and other delay-apologists like Dan Radcliffe himself, are saying that the delay will make the movie more satisfying and that the movie is so good that it’s worth the wait. Don’t they understand human nature? The more you say something is worth the wait, the less people want to wait for it. They need to find some other way to appease.

Third, is it really all about the benjamins? Over the years (especially with the advent of blogs) the business-workings of the entertainment industry have become more apparent and there’s less of a mystique around movies arriving at the theatres, but I was a bit surprised how blatantly WB stated the reason for the delay being about how they want Potter to be a “tent pole release” for the summer. Either they are incredibly naive in thinking that audiences care as much about a movie being a tent-pole release as the studio does, or maybe that fans won’t understand what that means. Frankly, it takes no amount of spin-savvy to see that WB wants to make more money and they’re hoping that Potter’s box office spell will be cast over any other summer movies that it’s planning to release. Don’t they see the fan wrath coming? If you’re going to disappoint me, don’t tell me you’re doing it to make yourselves richer… sheesh!

I’m just hoping that this will all blow over soon (not that I’m helping with this post), so I can forget that Half-Blood Prince is coming–at least until early next year when the expectation can build up all over again.


One thought on “Potter film delay is a drag”

  1. WB is just afraid to release a movie in the fall. They’re gauranteed to make money in the summer, fall is a lot riskier.
    They say they’re going to release part one of The Deathly Hallows in the fall of 2010. The odds are high that there’ll be filming delays and it’ll be pushed into the summer too.
    – Izi

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