10 reasons why NBC will be awesome

NBC was the first of the big networks to show its cards at its upfront presentations (that’s when networks tell advertisers what shows they’re going to be scheduling next season). There’s already been a lot of buzz about NBCs plans, and frankly, I join in the excitement. Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. 52-week scheduling — We’ll need to see if this ends up being anything special, but NBC is planning to bring out and put away new shows and new “seasons” of series throughout the year. In principle, I like the idea of not having a long summer hiatus, but to constantly be getting new stuff year-round. However, I wonder if it’s going to be a bit confusing and inconsistent.

2. Heroes — Though they’ve declared the spin-off mini-series Heroes: Origins dead, I can’t wait for next fall’s Book 3: Villains. Not only has Sylar been the coolest character on the show, there’s going to be a whole slew of Sylars — it’s good to be bad on Heroes this year. Plus, they’re going to kick off the new season with a two-hour premiere! I can’t wait.

3. Chuck — I know, some of you are thinking, Chuck? Whatever. You were underwhelmed by season one, maybe you thought the whole romantic angle was a bit hokey. I grant you that, but I still thought it was a pretty fun show, just beginning to find itself — some biggish plot twists were opening up and some interesting story arcs seemed poised to thrill. I look forward to more fun with the Nerd Herd.

4. My Own Worst Enemy — The third of NBCs Monday night trio, this new series stars Christian Slater. Plus, the premise is that a normal family guy has a secret life as a spy. The catch is that he doesn’t know that. It’s Jekyll and Hyde meets Alias (btw, Slater also played a guest role on that awesome show — maybe that’s where he caught the spy-bug).

5. Knight Rider — Did you watch the two-hour movie? This show was only OK, but I’m thinking that the series will still be a lot of fun. (Uh-oh, the theme music is playing in my head again.)

6. The Office — Love this show. Miss this show. They are going to be doing some more hour-long episodes in September — yay! (I know some people didn’t like it when they did that last time, but the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.) Add to that the incredible news that they’re going to do a spin-off some time next year as well. Who do you think they’ll spin off? (Maybe Ryan? God, I hope it’s not Kelly!)

7. Merlin — Think Camelot meets Smallville. The concept sounds a bit lame, but anything with Anthony Steward Head (i.e. Giles from Buffy) should get a few more check marks in my book.

8. Robinson Crusoe — Another show about surviving on an island? Well, I doubt that there are going to be any flash-forwards or smoke monsters, but it’s going to be a period piece, so that will be interesting (not too many TV shows work well that way. I hope it doesn’t become too precious, a la Little House on the Prairie or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.)

9. Medium — One of my favourite shows, it’s on the bubble each year. So far, season 4 has been excellent, so I’m so happy that there will be a season 5.

10. Bionic Woman — No, the biggest disappointment of this season is not coming back — that’s the good news.


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