Battlestar Lives On

With the writers’ strike and other tv-business concerns rearing their discouraging heads, it sounded like the BSG prequel series Caprica was not going to go ahead. However, now SciFi Channel in the US have announced that there will be a two-hour potential pilot for the series. Yay! According to Hollywood Reporter this show was one of the ones featured in SciFi’s upfront presentation this week. That is amazing news since the final season of BSG is almost beginning. True, we probably won’t be seeing any of our familiar characters, but at least Ron Moore and David Eick (the guys behind BSG) will be working their magic on the new show as well, I’m willing to go wherever they take us. Caprica will be set 50 years before the time of Battlestar (supposedly detailing the origin of the Cylons — cool!). This gives us BSG fans something to look forward to even after we say farewell to Adama and the gang. So say we all?

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