Battlestar Galactica: Razor + a funny post for BSG fans

So, I watched the 2-hour morsel of BSG (aka Battlestar Galactica: Razor) to keep us hungry until whenever season 4 finally airs. It was a pretty good extended-episode, flashing back to the story of what happened on board the Pegasus after the Cylons attacked, as well as a separate story of a rescue mission during Lee Adama’s first days as commander of the Pegasus. All the requisite elements were there: father-son scenes between the Adamas, fighter scenes with Starbuck, gunfight scenes running from Cylon Centurions (they even managed to slip in the old, 80s-style Cylons as well). Not much was revealed that had a lot of bearing on the future storylines, so this tele-movie kind of lifts right out. However, the linking element was the character of Kendra Shaw, who served under Admiral Cain and Lee Adama. With Cain, Shaw and Starbuck I found a little overkill from the ballsy female demo, but it was an interesting character study of Shaw, complete with the BSG-typical moral issues and heat-of-conflict judgment calls. I would recommend this for fans of the show (especially to keep us satisfied and remind us of why we love the show so much) but it’s not really a good jumping-on point for newbies.

For both fans and newbies, I present a frakkin’ hilarious post from Martian Outpost:


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