Riddick might see a trilogy after all

How many of you saw cool sci-fi indie film Pitch Black? How many of you were (it’s OK, we can say it) suckered into the theatres to see its big-budget sequel Chronicles of Riddick? I was definitely one who expected the same kind of tight, cool Alien-esque movie as Black, rather than the sprawling, Dune-esque quasi-epic that Riddick turned out to be. Granted, both star Vin Diesel and (to a lesser degree) director David Twohy had made it big in Hollywood, so there might have been a lot more riding on Riddick (and we all know what those many chefs can do to a good broth, don’t we), but I still didn’t think it was all bad and I was very supportive of the second movie in hopes that the story would finish off with a third sequel. I remember how disappointed I felt to see packaging in the stores touting those two movies plus the animated short movie Dark Fury (set between the two live-action films) as constituting the Riddick Trilogy. I figured they’d given up on a third feature.

Well, apparently that’s still to be seen, but at least with Twohy himself raising our hopes, it seems like there’s still the possibility of a sequel. Better yet, it might even get to go back to its roots in the indie film world. Also, now that Diesel’s own star is kind of in descendance, maybe the two parts can rejoin each other to make a second sleeper hit and finish off the Riddick series the way it began.


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