Mars, Whedon, Dushku: The latest TV tidbits

Special Agent Mars appears on YouTube

Remember when Veronica Mars was nearing cancellation and we fans were biting our nails in hopes that the idea of Veronica at the FBI would get picked up and the show that we loved would be reinvented with new life? Well, that didn’t happen, but the pilot shot for that pitch is now available online at YouTube.

I think that the pilot’s great, and makes me sad for what could have been. It doesn’t have quite the same CW youthful zing as the earlier Veronicas but I think this would have been the only procedural TV show to catch my eye if it had made it. Being the newbie, Veronica still has the problem with being accepted by the others, but she’s a tough cookie and knows how to deal with the bad guy (or the cheeky potential love interest — her new partner may be a pretty boy, but I doubt that he would have had the chops to verbally spar with V the way Logan used to). Anyway, it would have been nice to see her do a bit of case solving rather than just the undercover stuff (as a delinquent teen mom) but any new Veronica is a pleasure (even 12 short minutes). You must check it out!

Whedon’s back to TV — and look who he’s got with him!

From what could have been, to what might be, I could not be more excited about any other teaming up than Joss Whedon (ubercreator of Buffy, Angel and Firefly) and Eliza Dushku (“Faith” on Buffy), and to hear that it’s for a TV series (instead of a measly 2-hour movie) is just so awesome that I’m geeking out big time!

A show called “Dollhouse” about agents who are blank slates, receiving new personalities for each mission, sounds way cool (and a bit creepy), but I fear that it might be a bit high-concept, no? Anyway, if anyone can pull it off, Joss has my fullest confidence. I have little faith (pun intended) in the Fox network though. Isn’t that the place where series like these go to die? (including the much beloved Whedon creation Firefly). Anyway, this show might be a ways off, but I think it is going to be awesome… can’t wait.


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