New trailer for 24 Season 7 kinda brings it

OK. So 24 Season 6 was a bad “day” for us all. But check out the new trailer for Season 7 (be careful about watching this if you don’t want any spoilers).

Fox already spoiled a bit by announcing the return of the not quite dead Tony Almeida and he’s just all over this trailer. Even though Jack Bauer is “on his own”, I’m glad to see that Bill Buchanan and Chloe are still around. Will I miss CTU? I dunno. Probably not. Cool as these clips are, I do hope this season will be more than a cat-and-mouse game. Like the past seasons, there are always a series of smaller plots that lead up to the big overall plot. I would guess that we’re seeing the smaller, early one (since they obviously couldn’t have filmed the end of the season yet). I guess I will be hanging out with Jack Bauer again come January. But I think my goodwill towards this show is not exactly plentiful. Torture the bad guys all you want, Jack, but your audience, we deserve to enjoy the “day”.


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