New Abrams Series; Future Plans for Narnia

New Abrams series in the works – Fringe (future-Yay!)

This story is being reported all over:

J.J. Abrams, the tv and movie wunderkind behind such shows as Alias, Lost, and such movies as M:I III and the new Star Trek has made a deal with Fox television to produce a new series called Fringe about FBI investigation of paranormal activity. I am a huge Abrams fan. I think his shows are creative and committed to something interesting, and sometimes coloured with a shade of geek (which I like). People are often quick to forget his other side: the sensitive personal dramas like Felicity and What About Brian?. Just earlier, the newslets were all talking about his other future series Boundaries (which is going to ABC)

As people have noted, about Fox, it is notorious for canceling good sci-fi before it’s given much of a chance. X-Files was maybe its one exception so perhaps that means that Fringe has a chance. I definitely hope that’s true. While we’re still pretty far from away from seeing anything on the tube (I mean we just started this new fall season), this gives me one more thing to look forward to.

Making plans for Narnia

It surprises me a bit how Walden (the company behind the highly successful Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe movie of a couple years back) have really committed to the Narnia franchise after only one movie. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed that one, so I’m glad that they have plans to keep going with adapting the rest of the Narnia books (at least most of them). I am less glad that they want to milk the franchise beyond what’s actually on the page, though. Imagine if they tried to create a Harry Potter 8: The College Years, or Lord of the Rings 4: Frodo’s Adventures in the West — not good.

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