Replay TV: Are you missing out?

Here are some shows that are back on TV. They’re all 5 out of 5 in my books, so don’t miss ’em this time!

Band of Brothers – 10-part mini-series; an incredible portrayal of a troop of soldiers in WWII. The completely engaging battle scenes really make you feel like you’re in the trenches with the characters, but it’s the characters (based on real people) and their strong bond with each other that makes this series great. It’s the best war show/movie that I’ve ever seen. I used to watch it each year right before Remembrance Day. Now showing for 10 weeks, Thursdays @ 9pm on History Television.

Battlestar Galactica – I already wrote a lot about this show, but this is one of the very best sci-fi shows ever. Plus, you don’t need to be a hard core sci-fi geek to appreciate it because it’s got great characters and awesome drama. They’re four episodes into season one but you can still catch up on Space channel (Saturdays @ 8pm).

Firefly – The show that started it all (then got cancelled). Another one that I’ve written a lot about. If you saw Serenity and want more, the entire series is showing on Space again (they’re about halfway through the series, Wednesday mornings @ 10am)

Additional TV notes That 70s Show is back on Wednesday nights (let’s see how long they can go without Eric and Kelso)… This coming Sunday (November 6) is the annual Treehouse of Horror on The Simpsons, which is always great fun—can you believe they’re up to #16?


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