Inside my DVR

Once people find out that I watch more than 5 hours of TV per week, they are often surprised and want to know what kind of shows I watch. Well, the simplest way is to look inside the little machine that feeds my TV fancy. Here’s a tally of the shows that I record, and don’t record, with my DVR.

Red light – shows that I once watched or tried out, but don’t watch anymore:

  • Prison break – overrated; uninteresting
  • Reunion – cliché characters; bad acting; worst recreation of the 80s since That 80s Show
  • Kitchen Confidential – kitchen shenanigans and “edgy” comedy unappealing
  • Surface – unbearable
  • Invasion – was curious, but the pacing is too slow; characters uninteresting
  • Rome – boring “British” drama posing as decadent Roman drama; super-snore
  • Ghost Whisperer – good ratings; stupid feel-good ghost show
  • Inconceivable – ultimately uninteresting; in danger of cancellation anyway
  • Head Cases – yellow-light show; cancelled by network
  • Just Legal – green-light show; cancelled by network
  • Joey – so sad to say goodbye to a Friend, but this show is stupid

Yellow light – still on the bubble; it could go either way

  • Night Stalker – still somewhat boring; X-Files legacy is strong anchor
  • Reba – some of the funniest characters, but can also be really stupid sometimes
  • How I Met Your Mother – if the other characters can meet Neil Patrick Harris’s level, this show will be the funniest thing on TV

Green light – the show’s a go; some faves, some lower on the list

  • Alias – waning, but I am devoted to this show; eager to see how new blood does
  • Lost – crazier by the week—addictive
  • Desperate Housewives – spunky dialogue; plot twists; sinful humour: what’s not to love
  • Stargate: Atlantis – good classic sci-fi
  • Battlestar Galactica – beyond-excellent drama and sci-fi
  • Threshold – maybe a good show; good characters
  • Supernatural – in the absence of X-Files, this one will do
  • Charmed – still fun
  • Smallville – still fun; kinda cool
  • Will & Grace – still funny; often over-the-top
  • Simpsons – when the moments come, they are still hilarious
  • Veronica Mars – love this show: clever, twisty, smart
  • Medium – perfect mix of drama, mystery, and supernatural
  • The Batman – OK show, but feeds my superhero fix
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender – fun, fantastical, excellent cartoon
  • Boston Legal – it’s no Practice, but it’s still got some of the best speeches out there
  • 24 – not on yet, but must watch come January

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