TV Roundup: Sept. 17, 2005

Supernatural may be the show that finally fills the X-Files’s old spot as the show that I watch with the lights out. It’s definitely scary and the first episode had a shocker of an ending. Now that the background has been established, I suspect these creep-hunting brothers will start meeting their monsters-of-the-week.

Threshold was the other sci-fi show to debut this week. It has turned out to be the answer to: What would it be like if Jack Bauer’s CTU had to deal with an alien invasion? For my taste the first two-hour episode spent too much time on the characters (there’s a whole season for that stuff) and too little time surprising us with what’s going on with the aliens. So far Threshold has tread less new ground than your average X-Files episode, but it’s got potential.

Head Cases takes the buddy comedy into the courtroom. There’s also some potential here as Adam Goldberg is always good as “the funny guy”. But as far as humourous legal shows go, I was much more impressed with Ally McBeal when it debuted.

Saturday mornings
Does anyone still watch cartoons? Probably not, but you might be interested to know what’s developing there. This Saturday was the premiere of Loonatics Unleashed on the WB, which is Looney Tunes meets the Justice League. From my perspective they don’t have the balance right between humour and superhero stuff. When Ace Bunny says, “What’s up Doc?” to the villainous cyborg vikings, it just seems odd. Another new show is GI Joe: Sigma 6, which basically takes a small part of the Joe team (yes, that includes Snake Eyes) and re-presents them in an anime style. In true anime style, the stories seem almost pointless, but the action sequences are quite spectacular. Finally, a show debuted on YTV which had already run through one season on Nickelodeon in the US, called Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is also anime style, but it’s got a lot more story to it. It’s about a young boy who is the avatar (a legendary hero who can control the four elements) and the destined saviour of the world, which is currently being threatened by the Fire Nation (an army of flame throwing samurai). The characters are fun and the animation is excellent. Though it’s about kids, it’s not overly cutesy; more along the lines of Princess Mononoke than Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.


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