Capsule movie review: The Forgotten

This title is so ripe for punning: “If only this terrible movie could be so easily forgotten!” Julianne Moore stars as a mother who is having trouble letting go of the memory of her nine-year-old son, who is presumed dead after his plane went down. She’s constantly looking at photos and videos of him to keep him alive in her mind, and it’s ruining the rest of her life. However, it’s good that she is trying to remember Sam as everyone around starts to forget. In fact, even the photos and newspapers seem to lose any sign that he existed. Just as we start to ask “What’s happening?” she finds a father who’s forgotten that he lost his daughter on the same plane accident and convinces him to remember. Unfortunately, instead of gradually solving the mystery, the movie diverts to them running through the night as they’re chased by NSA agents all over town. For some reason it’s always at night (a very dark night and perhaps it’s a city of vampires as no one seems interested in turning on any lights) and everyone wears black. So not only do I not care what’s going on anymore, I can’t even make it out. Finally, they do figure out the insanely stupid reason why their children disappeared, but at that point I just wish that I could disappear as well. Unless you’re absolutely sick of good storylines that make sense or really want to prolong the life of your TV bulb this one is totally not worth the rental. Forget that I even mentioned it (har har!).


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